A thread for life

“A thread for life“ is an intriguing testimony of human fight for life, exploring human survival.

The first series shows an old woman linked to the life line. The second series shows the lianas (creepers) of cancer capturing a man trying to escape in a dance.

I am intensely aware of the power of our spirit and the enormous strength to resist the despair of disease and death.  In this seclusion, I discovered the power of love and the intense underline presence of my family, friends and people around me. I decided to draw these interminable links that build an invisible jail around such a human exposed to this darkness, finding the creative process to be my survival.

To realise this sentimental collection, I choose an empty room and used a unique light. I explored the loneliness and the silence of the model surrounded by emptiness. I needed a true experiment on their side: the solitude in front of my camera, the feeling of being unable to escape, the tiredness that comes during a long photoshoot. I needed them to enter the arena and find they own way to escape and be re-born. 

the Poet says:

“Loneliness is a storm of silence that rips out all our dead branches. Yet, she implanted our roots in the depths of the living heart of the living earth.” The Eye of the Prophet (1991) by Khalil Gibran